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Learn how to Stretch proximity of GMB?

  • Learn how to improve Brand authority?
  • Learn how to get great results with CTR for your site and GMB?
  • Learn how to drive traffic from the right sources?
  • Learn how long do you run a CTR campaign?
  • Learn if CTR work outside the USA?
  • Learn what Keywords to use for the best results with CTR?
  • Learn what type of traffic should I use "Mobile or desktop"?
  • Learn where to send traffic for the best results?
  • Learn how not to lose results when you stop CTR campaign?

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7 hours of content

  • SEO expert questions and answers
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Community to ask questions too

also Included:

  • SEO expert questions and answers
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Community to ask questions too

And even beyond the practical and tangible benefits of boosting your brain power, you'd be able to benefit from simply having a greater appreciation for the world around you.

A better understanding of how things work. An enhanced capacity for learning and more incentive to do so.

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STRATERGIES You will learn!!

  • Improve Branded traffic, Most important part of CTR
  • Get the user signals need to dominate the google SERPs
  • Understand the customer cycle (how to manipulate it)
  • Boost GMB proximity and rank
  • Boost organic rank
  • Become an expert on GSC data mining for CTR
  • Understand the GBP insights data


  • 7 weeks of live training was originally offered, to collect the question of the SEO business best.

  • This CTR training has been improved from original conception by this exclusive group, their hard work is not your gain.

  • Improve your knowledge of CTR manipulation the best in the business already have.
  • Neurotransmitters

  • Brain Plasticity

  • See how you can become sharper, how you can learn faster and how you can even improve your a social IQ.

  • Know how to train your brain in just the same way that you would normally train your body

See how you can increase your intelligence and focus to a profound degree.

  • See how you can become sharper, how you can learn faster and how you can even improve your a social IQ.

  • Know how to train your brain in just the same way that you would normally train your body


CTR GEEKS will give you the known how to manipulate the google search results. Make you a CTR ninja that can dominate your SERP's.

  • You are having trouble concentrating.

  • You need to work faster.

  • You want to impress someone.

  • You want to learn new skills faster.

  • You want to be able to accomplish almost anything.

  • You think you need to increase your intelligence and your IQ.


Mike Merlino

Mike Merlino is the founder of CTR Geeks - a company that helps small to large businesses use ctr (click-through rate) to improve their rankings and brand recognition online. Mike is known as a "CTR Manipulation Ninja" and his techniques have helped many businesses achieve #1 rankings for their desired keywords. In addition to his expertise in CTR, Mike is also an expert in SEO! His mission is to help people succeed and take action, and he does this by providing effective online marketing solutions that drive results. He can be seen in many Facebook groups spreading value. This course is a collection of his very well-kept secrets.

Brent Bowser

Brent Bowser is a CTR GEEK and SEO expert who helps small businesses move up the search engine results pages (SERPs). He uses Google Analytics and Google Search Console to develop CTR manipulation road maps that give any business an edge. The value he brings is his ability to take complex data and make it understandable for business owners who want to improve their website's performance without having to learn how to understand their analytics software. In this course, Brent will show you where to find the information to dive your CTR manipulation campaigns to the next level!

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